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Re: NFC: Fw: Orangespotted and Punkinseed

He needs to contact Mark Binkley.  He sells Orangespotteds commercially


On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, robert a rice wrote:

> Help
> Robert Rice NFC  President
> Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy
> http://www.nativefish.org
> --------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: "Mcaree, CW Clinton (5705)" <McAreeCW at raytheon_com>
> I was wondering if you had any orangespotted sunfish for sale I am
> needing
> about 4 to 6 maybe two males and three females.  I am also looking for
> punkinseed sufish do you have any of these and can they live with
> orangespotted in the same tank and how big do the punkinseeds  get?  If I
> were go to get one male and one female orangespotted and one male and one
> female punkinseed would these cohabitate together?  If you dont have any
> of
> these do you know where I might could get some.  I live in east texas but
> cannot catch these lots of warmouth and bluegill's and greens sometime.
> What do dollar sunfish look like exactly are they as pretty as the
> orangespotted.   I have caught a little sunfish about an inch long with
> orange spots on it side and a dark ear flap silver side with vertical a
> little darker stripes on the sides do you what this is it doesnt look
> like
> the pictures of the orangespotted I see on the internet.
> Thanks.
> Clint McAree
> 289 RCR 2460
> Alba TX 75410