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NFC: Fw: Orangespotted and Punkinseed


Robert Rice NFC  President
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From: "Mcaree, CW Clinton (5705)" <McAreeCW at raytheon_com>

I was wondering if you had any orangespotted sunfish for sale I am
about 4 to 6 maybe two males and three females.  I am also looking for
punkinseed sufish do you have any of these and can they live with
orangespotted in the same tank and how big do the punkinseeds  get?  If I
were go to get one male and one female orangespotted and one male and one
female punkinseed would these cohabitate together?  If you dont have any
these do you know where I might could get some.  I live in east texas but
cannot catch these lots of warmouth and bluegill's and greens sometime.
What do dollar sunfish look like exactly are they as pretty as the
orangespotted.   I have caught a little sunfish about an inch long with
orange spots on it side and a dark ear flap silver side with vertical a
little darker stripes on the sides do you what this is it doesnt look
the pictures of the orangespotted I see on the internet.


Clint McAree
289 RCR 2460
Alba TX 75410