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NFC: Fw: Adopt-A-Tank request(complete)

we have picked up 3-4 programs a week latley...

Robert Rice NFC  President
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy
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To: <robertrice at juno_com>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 11:45:58 -0800
Subject: Adopt-A-Tank request(complete)
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Mr. Rice,
Liberty Drive Elementary School is interested in conserving native fish and educating our students about the beauty of native fish and the need for maintaining and developing clean habitat for fish throug the Adopt-A-Tank Program.
As we discussed on the phone - we'd like to set up four tanks.  Three would have wild-caught small species of local fish while the fourth would have a variety of madtoms (a species once plentiful here, but no longer found widely).  Our local manufacturing company, Thomasville Furniture Industries, has agreed to supply us with funds for fish food, dip nets, and the purchase of appropriate water for setups.  Our school has applied for a "Project Tommorrow" State grant for books for our media center about fish and ecological conservation.  Would Adopt-A-Tank and its sponsors be able to supply the four tanks, hoods, filters and gravel?  And advice, of course.  We may not have thought of everything yet that we need and would appreciate your counsel.
Our school serves 687 students in third, fourth and fifth grades. Approximately 80 students in four fourth grade classes will hands-on work with the aquariums and inhabitants.  However, our plan is to locate the aquariums so that other classes will have access for observation activties.  The four classes that are caring for the aquariums will be integrationg the setup, care, maintenance and observations into math, science and writing lessons.  Fourth Grade in North Carolina focuses on the state's history, geography and cultural issues.  The setup and care of aquariums of local fish is perfect for social studies activities in the area of local and state-wide environmental issues.
I appreciate the existance of the Native Fish Conservancy and the Adopt-A-Tank program.  Through this activity many children and families in Thomasville, North Carolina can learn the importance of saving our home.  So many activities in school are abstract and have an artificial distance about them.  With Adopt-A-Tank our students' cries of "Save the Rainforest" will change to "Save Our Forests...Lands...Wildlife."
This program is endorsed and supported by our school principal, Mrs. Rosa McRae.
Donna Sink
Media Coordinator
Liberty Drive Elementary School
401 Liberty Drive
Thomasville, NC 27360