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Re: NFC: AATP....

All good points Tony... This teacher and I are talking about splitting the
cost of a 75 gal. tank to get the ball rolling and I even suggested to him
that a filterless aquarium is a positive way to go if the water
maintaintence is kept up along with having a lot of native plants growing to
help with filtration/water requirements.

> We should post that info clearly, along with any prerequisites (such as
> becoming a NFC member) on the main AATP page. I've already received more
> inquiries about the AATP since the Marineland info was announced than I
> through all of last year.
> It would also help to clearify exactly what we are and are not able to
> provide, and what situations we will not support (fish to be released in
> summer, tanks stocked with exotics, and personal breeding programs in home
> aquaria). It would help me immensely if interested parties were aware of
> that info before asking any questions.
> I think many just want to know what they can get for free and are turned
> when they find out complete tank setups (incl. gravel, water conditioners,
> maintenance equipment, etc.) are currently not part of the picture.
> more info about what is available will help weed out the less serious
> individuals and let us spend more time helping those who are truly
> interested.
> Also, can anyone recommend a reliable free email account to be used as the
> AATP contact? The Netscape account we are using now has been nothing but
> trouble.
> Thanks,
> Tony Gustafson

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