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RE: NFC: St. Augustine

Paul Sachs wrote:  

>>   :)  Doug!  Prodigious!  

Yeh, well, turns out that despite what you've previously heard, it's actually "the restraint brake on the brain" that's "the first thing to go."

(I'm not sure WHY that's true; mine's obviously barely ever been used.)

>>   ++++++++++++++++++++
>>   Sachs Systems Aquaculture
>>   1185 Thompson Bailey Road
>>   St. Augustine FL  32084

Big whoops on me ... I should have added.....

Last time I went to St. Augustine, I dropped in unannounced on Paul at Sachs Systems Aquaculture, and thereby met Paul in person, saw his facility and had a nice little visit. Which I think we both enjoyed. (When you have a web and mail-order business, I guess you don't really see many walk-in customers.  Next time I'll call first, Paul, I promise!)  I learned a lot, since he's exceedingly generous with his advice and clearly has well-honed skills & techniques for raising fish and their necessary foodstuffs. 

So in my mind this is a big-time stop on the NFC/fish-hobbyist circuit here in north Florida, and I don't know how I left it off the "list of places to go" for Scott. 



Doug Dame
Interlachen FL