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NFC: Auction Update

AUCTION STARTS 1/19/2001 8 am EST and ends 1/25/2001 5 PM EST 


The NFC's Simple Aquarium Society Style Auction.
The Rules:

1. Anyone who does not follow all state and federal laws and the NFC no
release policy or is a deadbeat trader will be banned for life no

2. Agree to Pay THE NFC A 30% of sale price (excluding postage) auction

3. NFC members only may place ads.

If you agree to the rules you may place your ad with robertrice at juno_com
for posting and or review and we will take it from there. All legal
plants/fishes/animals/dry goods are allowed in this auction. Your ad MUST
state a box size (15 shiners as an example) and include shipping info.
I.E. does the bid price include shipping? How shipped etc.

Disclaimer: All participants are expected to follow all state/federal
laws and the NFC takes no responsibility for trader's actions. All
participants promise to follow a NO release policy under any conditions.
The NFC is only the Auctioneer and not the broker/owner/trader of any
items on this Auction forum. All parties agree to hold the NFC faultless
for any illegalities or disputes.

                                  $30 David Meyers

Gerald Pottern: GBPottern at aol_com
Box 1:  6 Apalachicola pygmy sunfish.  Elassoma sp. cf. okefenokee, from 
Wakulla Spring FL, tank-raised.  Royal blue fins and bars on black body 
(males). Will eat frozen foods, but do best with live food.  Philodina 
rotifer & mixed infusoria culture (for newborns) included.  Bid plus
postage, priority mail

Gerald Pottern: GBPottern at aol_com                                        
               $20 RR
Box 2:  20 mixed NC shiners (small colorful species only).  May include 
rosefin/pinewoods shiner (ardens/matutinus), crescent shiner (cerasinus),
redlip shiner (chilitcus), greenhead shiner (chlorocephalus), and/or
mountain redbelly dace (oreas).   (Winner can request preferred species).
These are all Piedmont "warmwater" species, so you don't need a chiller
or cool
basement.  Can tolerate up to 28 C (82 F), or even higher for short
periods. Will eat flakes, frozen, duckweed, anything.   Bid plus postage.

Gerald Pottern: GBPottern at aol_com                                        
                         NO BIDS YET
Box 3:  15 mixed salamander larvae:  Spotted (Ambystoma maculatum) and 
marbled (Ambystoma opacum).  Wild collected near Raleigh NC.  Larvae
aquatic with gills, transform in 2 to 3 months, adults terrestrial. Need
live food to  start, can switch to fine pellets until they transform,
then need livefood  again (worms, crickets).  Can get marbled only in
Jan; if
you want both species, must wait until March.  Bid plus postage.

Luke Mclurg :  mcclurgl at washburn_edu 12 mixed darters from Missouri/wc   
  $20 Jim C

Mostly Orangethroat and Rainbow.  Could be a couple of Fantail or
"unexpected" items in there too.  No guarantee on species or sex ratios
of species.  Terms:  $15.00 minimum bid, plus shipping and handling.
Normally shipped USPS Priority Mail, but will ship overnight express if
you pay for it.  Funds used to help establish AAT and other conservation
goals of the NFC in Kansas.  Shipping date dependent on weather.

Bill Hodgkiss  Bhodgkiss43 at aol_com Box of fish                           
                  NO BIDS YET

4-young Elassoma evergladei-pygmy sunfish
4-young Lucania Goodei
4-Lucania Parva-Rainwater Killie
2-Pteronotropis Signipinnis-Flagfin Shiner   
Buyer pay postage-Priority mail $8 can't guarantee live delivery because
of weather. Express mail $25 

*************I'd like for 100% of the proceeds to go to the

Name: Bruce Scott, br0630 at aol_com                                        
     $30 Chris Hedemark
Items for sale: (10) 1 - 1 1/2" madtoms   [N.gyrinus]
                ( 6) 1/2 - 1" pumpkinseeds[L.gibbosus]
                ( 4) 1" golden topminnows [F.chrysotus]

Shipping terms: Shipped Priority Mail, I pay.

Mark Barnett mark at aquabid_com                                            
                     NO BIDS YET

One XL White Polo Shirt with the AquaBid.com logo embroidered on the left
chest area.

100% to NFC  Shipping Included.