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NFC: Florida Collecting ?

Hey florida guys we have a request from some oregon guys for a killie box
to start a breeder group with anyone want to go collecting ?

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001 16:10:01 -0500 "Doug Dame" <dameda at shands_ufl.edu>
> Ty Hall wrote: 
> >>  I added 5 female FFF to the tank last night. 
> >>  (My LFS didn't have any males)
> THAT'S CHEATING !!!!!   You were supposed to catch your own when you 
> down here for Bike Week.  BOOOOOOO.    <g>
> Of course, depending on how your little Madtom+FFF compatibility 
> experiment goes, you may need some more by the time you get down 
> here.  Not that we're going to hope for that, of course. We can 
> instead hope that you decide you like the FFF so much that you need 
> a whole bunch. (I have about 25, but none to spare.)
> Doug Dame
> Interlachen FL

Robert Rice NFC  President
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