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Re: NFC: light bulbs and tannins

probably treated with gasoline or something else, which, needless to say,
will wreak havok upon your tank.  Moreover, since they're coal and not
active charbon, they won't do anything.   Activated charon is filled with
billions and billions of microscopic pores which remove chemicals.
Regular coal, charbon, etc., don't have these pores to grapple anything.
Moreover, once the "holes" get "full" the charbon is useless and must be
reactivated.  The reactivation process takes heat well in excess of what
you'll find in the fire of your furnace -- or possibly the neighboorhood
volcano. :)   Therefore, just toss it and replace it.  
Charbon is actually a filtration myth in my opinion.  Its good for
clearing up water, but the pores get so quickly filled iwth other stuff in
clear water (especially vital trace elements) that its useless.  High
grade charbons, such as chemi-pure, may do something, but, again, they're
mostly just eating up some of the good stuff.  Only waste money on charbon
when you need to clear the water of medicines, impurities, or ions (such
as if you've been using a water softener pillow that replaces Ca/Mg with
I didn't have to start using supplemental iron or pottasium until SOMEONE
sprayed furniture polisher near the tank (Wow, honey, look at how clean I
made the tank trim!_) and I had to palce Chemi-Pure into the filter.  It
remoevd the Old English, but also all those elements. :)

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> Subject: Re: NFC: light bulbs and tannins
> I see a recommendation of using charcoal for clearing up water. 
> Can your ordinary backyard barbecue briquettes be used as filter 
> carbon? Should they be crumbled first and what are the opinions 
> on application in saltwater tanks?
> Matt