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NFC: Re: listbot or egroups...

Warning - Despite their "privacy statements" I get an awful lot of
suspicious spam right around the time I start using those list servers.

If there is a university or other facility with an internet connection
willing to host a small box on their network as a mail server, I could
probably mangle together a Linux box that could handle all of our lists with
ease (plus a web based archive).  Bonus points if it is near Chapel Hill,
North Carolina.  I do all the administration of the system (it ain't much
once it's up and running).  Downside?  If the system breaks hardware,
however long it takes to get replacement hardware in.

Ideal situation: local (to me, if I set this thing up) University donates
enough rackspace for a 2U high server (roughly 3.5" high).  NFC chips in a
little over $1,000 for hardware (or take up a collection if that is not
feasable).  This buys a 1GHz Athlon machine in a 2U rackmount case, with
128MB of memory.  Perfect mailing list AND web server.  Gives us 20GB of
space, dedicated processor.  I don't have any idea how much $$$ is in the
coffers though or if this would be a popular idea.

Here is the server I'm talking about:

Long term this means:
    1) We're off actwin, if there are any costs there
    2) We're off whoever is charging us for webhosting for as long as we can
be guests at another site.
    3) We've got our own machine that can be used as a database, as a web
server, as a mail server, you name it.
    4) Imagine having a "@nativefish.org" email address as a membership

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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> We are considering i repeat considering moving off of actwin and moving
> to a less clunky system like listbot or egroups . Any comments as we move
> forward ?
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