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Re: NFC: listbot or egroups...

Ty Hall wrote (in part):

>>  I proposed, in the past, a system called Intranets.com. 
>>  To me this is the way to go. There is no e-mail generated. 
>>  You go to a website and on it are chat capabilities and places 
>>  for pictures, if you wish to share them, and a lot of other really 
>>  cool things ...... 

I want stuff that comes to me, that I don't have to remember to go out and check on it everyday.

I want to be able to 
   * permanently keep the subset of messages that seriously interest me, 
   * flag some of them for future follow-up, 
   * file/store them in categories that make sense to me, 
   * annotate them, and 
   * change the subject-line if necessary.

I want the computer to remember which specific messages I've already read and what I haven't. (even if I skip some), cuz I don't have time to be re-reading stuff that I wasn't interested in the first time around.

Having "pretty" in exchange for security holes an aircraft carrier could slide through sideways is not a trade-off I'm willing to take.

And everything should be retained permanently in a accessible searchable archive (that doesn't live on my machine) so that I can re-find old things down the road as my interests and needs change. 

As far as I know, a plain-text list-server with an archive still best meets those objectives, but admittedly this is an area of technology on which I don't keep a real close eye. 

But .... and I suspect this is the most CRITICAL issue for many people ... my most precious resource is probably time. 

If you/we make changes in how NFC "list-server delivered information" (for lack of a better term) gets to my eyeballs, and those changes appreciably affect my time investment in keeping up with things, this would probably fundamentally change the cost/benefit ratio so that I would not be able to participate regularly. 

So please think very, very carefully before "upgrading" to something "better" than a tired, old technology list-server. 


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL
"Content is King.
Time is Queen.
Long may they rule."
 - anon.