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RE: NFC: listbot or egroups...

Hey Ty
When using the "Intranet Way" and I find a message / Graphic that I would
like to import and save on my computer can it be done and just how easy is
it.  Also can messages be sort by subject line or some way to group by topic
?  some times I want to save messages /graphic for future reference on my
computer, i.e.: compile my own data base for easy access.


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I understand, but that's what I like about the "Intranet way". The messages
are not gone, their there forever. For me that's a huge benefit as I can go
back and look something up from 6 months ago, without having to use up my
own precious disk drive space. I also like that I can read the messages no
matter where I am. Currently, if I am subscribed from my home e-mail
address I can't see the letters when I'm at work and vicea-versa. With the
Intranet format as long as I can get on the web I can catch up on what's
happening. The Intranets tool is very powerful and would enable us to do A
LOT more then just send e-mails. It would allow the BAP and AATP to
coordinate efforts and exchange info, among other things. I would like to
think the NFC is more then just an e-mail organization and if it is then we
need a tool that does more then just make copies of e-mails.

I'm not sure which site,or product, you used, on the other occasions, but
the Intranets.com site is very user freindly. You can go to their website
and check it out, if you like.

I agree though, everybody likes to do things different ways.   ;)


ummm... sorry to disagree Ty, but I for one LIKE getting my messages in my
e-mail account.  I used to belong to other groups that used that chat-type
format and it was a royal pain, took forever to find what you
wanted....eventually I just gave up on those groups.  Whenever I sign on to
my e-mail, I just check the ones I don't want to read, delete 'em, and read
through the rest.  Takes 2 seconds, and then they're gone forever.  Not
like those posting boards where you have to resort through them every time
you go to the site.

But different strokes for different folks :)


>I proposed, in the past, a system called Intranets.com. To me this is the
>way to go. There is no e-mail generated. You go to a website and on it are
>chat capabilities and places for pictures, if you wish to share them, and
>lot of other really cool things. You can post letters or pictures, you can
>schedule events like collecting trips or conventions. You can set up
>special interest groups, you only read what you're interested in. So, if
>your not interested in the plight of the Whale you don't have to read
>it. Or, you can read it all. Nothing to delete no filters to setup.
>No e-mail is generated so the problems associated with an e-mail based
>system go away. To me it is the next evolution of what we are doing. Oh,
>and best of all it's FREE! Once setup this system works very, very well. I
>have used it for several other groups and always with positive results.
>I would volunteer my services to help setup and run the site if you are