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NFC: : Jan starts soon place your ads NOW

AUCTION STARTS 1/19/2001 8 am EST and ends 1/25/2001 5 PM EST 


The NFC's Simple Aquarium Society Style Auction.
The Rules:
1. Anyone who does not follow all state and federal laws and the NFC no
release policy or is a deadbeat trader will be banned for life no

2. Agree to Pay THE NFC A 30% of sale price (excluding postage) auction

3. NFC members only may place ads.

If you agree to the rules you may place your ad with robertrice at juno_com
for posting and or review and we will take it from there. All legal
plants/fishes/animals/dry goods are allowed in this auction. Your ad MUST
state a box size (15 shiners as an example) and include shipping info.
I.E. does the bid price include shipping? How shipped etc.

Disclaimer: All participants are expected to follow all state/federal
laws and the NFC takes no responsibility for trader's actions. All
participants promise to follow a NO release policy under any conditions.
The NFC is only the Auctioneer and not the broker/owner/trader of any
items on this Auction forum. All parties agree to hold the NFC faultless
for any illegalities or disputes.


Gerald Pottern: GBPottern at aol_com
Box 1:  6 Apalachicola pygmy sunfish.  Elassoma sp. cf. okefenokee, from 
Wakulla Spring FL, tank-raised.  Royal blue fins and bars on black body 
(males). Will eat frozen foods, but do best with live food.  Philodina 
rotifer & mixed infusoria culture (for newborns) included.  Bid plus
postage, priority mail

Gerald Pottern: GBPottern at aol_com
Box 2:  20 mixed NC shiners (small colorful species only).  May include 
rosefin/pinewoods shiner (ardens/matutinus), crescent shiner (cerasinus),
redlip shiner (chilitcus), greenhead shiner (chlorocephalus), and/or
mountain redbelly dace (oreas).   (Winner can request preferred species).
are all Piedmont "warmwater" species, so you don't need a chiller or cool

basement.  Can tolerate up to 28 C (82 F), or even higher for short
periods. Will eat flakes, frozen, duckweed, anything.   Bid plus postage.

Gerald Pottern: GBPottern at aol_com  
Box 3:  15 mixed salamander larvae:  Spotted (Ambystoma maculatum) and 
marbled (Ambystoma opacum).  Wild collected near Raleigh NC.  Larvae
aquatic with gills, transform in 2 to 3 months, adults terrestrial. Need
food to  start, can switch to fine pellets until they transform, then
need live
food  again (worms, crickets).  Can get marbled only in Jan; if you want
species, must wait until March.  Bid plus postage.

*************I'd like for 100% of the proceeds to go to the

Name: Bruce Scott, br0630 at aol_com
Items for sale: (10) 1 - 1 1/2" madtoms   [N.gyrinus]
                ( 6) 1/2 - 1" pumpkinseeds[L.gibbosus]
                ( 4) 1" golden topminnows [F.chrysotus]

Shipping terms: Shipped Priority Mail, I pay.

Mark Barnett mark at aquabid_com

One XL White Polo Shirt with the AquaBid.com logo embroidered on the left
chest area.

100% to NFC  Shipping Included.