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Re: NFC: RE: listbot or egroups...

You might do a websearch for 'Sled Dog Central' and
take a look at how it is set up, articles, store, info
in categories, classified ads, and a discussion chat
list. Nice set up. I think that would work well for
--- chuckmiro <chuckmiro at wdn_com> wrote:
> I used to like Egroups a lot, but since they were
> bought out by Yahoo, I
> think they've gone downhill some. Also, the ads are
> annoying.
> You could consider www.smartgroups.com, which is
> another free service.
> Listbot's okay, but their search feature isn't as
> good as eqroups.
> At least on Egroups, you can require text-only
> messages be sent.
> One advantage of using actwin, I think, is that it's
> a known listserver for
> aquatic hobbyists. Also, in my personal opinion,
> using a free listserver
> seems a bit amateurish.
> Chuck/Northern Va.

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