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Re: NFC: listbot or egroups...

I proposed, in the past, a system called Intranets.com. To me this is the
way to go. There is no e-mail generated. You go to a website and on it are
chat capabilities and places for pictures, if you wish to share them, and a
lot of other really cool things. You can post letters or pictures, you can
schedule events like collecting trips or conventions. You can set up
special interest groups, you only read what you're interested in. So, if
your not interested in the plight of the Whale you don't have to read about
it. Or, you can read it all. Nothing to delete no filters to setup.

No e-mail is generated so the problems associated with an e-mail based
system go away. To me it is the next evolution of what we are doing. Oh,
and best of all it's FREE! Once setup this system works very, very well. I
have used it for several other groups and always with positive results.

I would volunteer my services to help setup and run the site if you are