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NFC: OT - Norway to export Whale Products.

Slightly off topic but I thought you all might find it interesting.


Tuesday January 16 10:24 AM ET
                          Norway to Lift Ban on Whale Exports --  Report

                          OSLO (Reuters) - Norway plans to lift a ban on exports of whale products like blubber in defiance of
                          international restrictions, Norway's NTB news agency said on Monday.

                          Norway resumed whale hunts in 1993 despite an international moratorium but has refused to allow exports until
                          now, insisting that whaling is solely to meet domestic needs for meat. Whalers have for years pushed to export
                          blubber and other products to Japan.

                          NTB gave no sources for its report.

                          Foreign Ministry spokesman Karsten Klepsvik declined comment but said that Foreign Minister Thorbjoern
                          Jagland and Fisheries Minister Otto Gregussen would hold a news conference at 1515 GMT.