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Re: NFC: Fw: The NFC Breeder's Club!

An addendum to my reply of the other day, if anyone
has either the NY variety of longeared sunfish, or the
mud sunfish I would be interested in several pairs of
each as the weather warms up. These two,plus the
Everglades pygmy, and the armagosa pupfish are my
primary wants.
I would consider other species of pupfish also. I like
them, spunky, lot of character whatever the species. I
kept two 15 gals going of a colony from the Columbus
Ohio Zoo back in the 70s. I reccommend them to anyone
who likes cichlids, I thought their habits
similar(except spawning).

We seem to be in a thaw now but, I would feel better
on shipping in a couple of months. I never
underestimate the ability of shippers to totally screw
up fish shipments.

There are LOTS of longears, but I am looking for the
one native to NYS, right now they are threatened and I
doubt any capture permit will be allowed. The mud
sunfish appears to be extirpated from NYS now.

BTW, in the current issue of TFH is a short article on
the Livebearers annual meeting in Detroit, and a tour
of the Belle Isle facility there where they have
maintained several extinct in the wild species.

I visited there years ago, antiquated, but still
functioning, and getting it done. 
--- robertrice at juno_com wrote:
> Hello Everybody!
>     As part of the NFC (Native Fish Conservancy), I
> am e-mailing all of
> the
> current members to see who is still active and what
> they are up to.
>     If you are still active in the breeding of
> Native fish please let me
> know what fish you are presently working with.
>     As you may already know we are rebuilding the BC
> (Breeders Club). It
> now
> has no membership fee! Our goal is to get 100 
> members within the next 18
> months!
>     So if you would still like to be part of the BC
> let me know what you
> are
> working with and we will go from there.
> Regards,
> Ryan Deal
> realdeal at mwci_net

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