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Re: NFC: Re: Re: Getting there

It will help, I would go first with several
powerheads, cost less and move more water.The canister
filter will help though on filtration.

--- nickel55 <nickel55 at worldnet_att.net> wrote:
> If I were to use a canister filter and took fish
> from a somewhat fast moving stream, could a power
> head be used to help create moving water and also
> help agitate the surface?
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>   From: Chris Hedemark 
>   To: nfc at actwin_com 
>   Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 11:12 PM
>   Subject: NFC: Re: Getting there
>   Hi Nickel and welcome aboard.
>   There are merits to both kinds of filters. 
> Consider carefully the natural environment of the
> fishes you plan to keep when making your decision.
>   Power filters tend to have very high flow rates,
> and not much surface area for filtration.  They are
> great for smaller tanks (55 gallons and under)
> especially for recreating an environment with a lot
> of flow.
>   Cannister filters have a lot of surface area for
> biological and mechanical filtration, but usually
> fairly low flow rates (I stress the word "usually",
> as there are exceptions).
>   If I were keeping fishes from a fast flowing
> stream, I'd lean towards power filters.  The
> maintenance schedule will have to be a little more
> rigorous but the tank will be more natural with the
> faster moving water.
>   If I were keeping pond fish I'd lean more towards
> a cannister filter which will maintain a calm clear
> aquarium.
>   The aquaclear 300 has a great benefit in that the
> filter media has much greater surface area than the
> pads used by most power filters.  On the downside,
> the maintenance is messier.  Also sometimes the
> filter media is hard to find.  I'm using Whisper 5
> and Whisper 4 power filters everywhere, mostly
> because of the easy maintenance and readily
> available media.
>   Eheim makes some nice cannister filters but it has
> been years since I've used one.  Fluval is another
> manufacturer in this area that is worth looking
> into.  Maintenance used to be a real mess with
> cannisters but the newer designs I've seen are
> really nice.  Make sure to get shutoff valves for
> your intake and return lines.  The newer Eheim's
> store their media in a nice easily removable basket
> that you can carry to the laundry basin and hose
> down.
>   Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
>   http://yonderway.com
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>     From: nickel55 
>     To: nfc at actwin_com 
>     Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 9:55 PM
>     Subject: NFC: Getting there
>     I guess it was about a year ago when I found the
> NFC site, while I was searching the net for
> something on native fish, thinking I would like to
> some day soon set up an aquarium. I have'nt yet
> become a member because I figured I'd wait until I
> at least had a tank, well as of Christmas, I now
> have a 38 gal tank with hood and stand. 
>     Everyone on the list has been very helpful with
> my many questions and I now have my choices down to
> two,for which type of filters I will use. If I go
> with a power filter I'll buy the Aqua Clear 300, but
> I am starting to lean towards a canister filter and
> my choice there would be the Eheim Plus 2213. 
>     So it looks like I'm getting there and soon to
> be a member of the NFC. A "rookie fish head" in the
> making. Just thought this would be a little change
> from all the " poitical stuff "
>                               nickel

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