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Re: NFC: Re: Getting there

I run Aquaclear's in many of my aquariums (all 30g and below). I like them
because the Filter media is very easy to find and most of the units use the
same size media. I have many different size tanks and run three different
sizes of Aquaclear units and all of them use the exact same filter
cartridge. So I only have to buy one box of refills. In my experience
refills for Aquaclears are available at all pet stores and most large
department stores like K-Mart or Walmart.

I am running an Emperor in a 55 simply because I got such a great deal on
it and in my other 55 I am running a UGF. I have a third 55 that I just
bought and I plan on running an Aquaclear in it. I haven't decided if I
will run two 200's or a single 300 yet, but I am leaning towards the two
200's. I think (not sure) that the 300 is where the media size changes.
I'll have to check when I get home.