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Re: NFC: Misers guide to keeping natives

--- "Scott D. Goett" <sdgoett at ufl_edu> wrote:
> Is anybody going fish collecting this month? 
> Although it is a bit
> cold out, I would love to.   

I think I will probably go if the ice isn't too thick
and I can find fish :-)  

Just waiting for a break in the weather...its finally
supposed to go over freezing here and we might
actually see the sun... 

It will be good to send some fish out too!!!

I did go collecting this week.  On Wednesday I drove
from cincinnati to DeKalb, ILL to pick up that 100
gallon chiller Tony wrote about.  It was a memorable
trip, especially the ice storm I drove through around
Lafayette to Rensaleer, IN.  I saw a half dozen semis
jackknifed and another half dozen or so that had
turned over on their sides.  Seeing all those SUVs off
the road and stuck made me think too, that people just
get too bold driving them in poor conditions.  

A special thanks to Tony Gustafson who made this all
possible. Tony was very helpful and loaded the chiller
on the truck for me...that thing is all one piece and
pretty heavy. I left Cinci around 7 am and got back
home at 2 am the next morning LOL... this is not a
collecting trip I would recommend to everyone, but I
would like to try again when its a little warmer.



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