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Re: NFC: : Re: political thread (From The Emporer)

Unfortunately, its not really my place as list admin. to really say what
is valid to discuss on the list when it is on topic.  Obviously, I can
yell, "No!  You can't flirt with me here, send the flirtations to my
private e-mail box!" or "This isn't a valid place to discuss breeding your
rainbowfish."  But, the issue of politics on the list is an interesting
On the one hand, politicial garbage can irritate the heck out of everyone.
Usually, political debates tend to quickly turn into "No!  I'm a
demublican, and you're not!  I'm COOL and you SUCK" -- if not to that
outright words, to that level.  Political debates, as robert drew on, are
much  like religious debates.  Is there a god, are there many, I don't
know for sure.   I have my opinions, everyone else has theirs, and none of
us will ever talk the ot her into our own point of view.
So -- to preven this sort of nonsensical chatter that just annoys most
people, should political topics be barred as off topic, or moved to
another list?
Conservation is certainly a political topic, on the ohter hand.
Certainly, if the government wants to build a nuclear waste disposal
system on top of "dessert wasteland" that is actually the breeding ground
of a number of pupfish, it takes political action to do something.  And,
certainly, different politicians are better at conservation than others.
Lets face facts -- grassroots conservation projects: cleaning up streams,
breeding programs, and so forth; will only cut it so far.  Political
issues are relevant and a part of conservation.
To say, "Political topics are out of bounds, not to be discussed, and just
act to annoy people and start flame wars" or to say, "Political topics
should be discussed on NFCPolitics at actwin_com" would be nearly as foolish
as saying, "Collectings topics are off limits, should not be discussed,
they upset people" or saying, "No one should talk about planning
collecting trips -- I live in DC, and am tired of hearing about how you
FLorida folks get to collect!  I don't get to come along, so I shouldn't
have to hear about it!"  

So, the bottom line is:

Political stuff is on topic.  However, knowing where it can go, when it
drops to flame or innane levels, its to be dropped.  Immediately.  If you
flame or otherwise attack someone's beleifs or such, I'll unsubscribe you
without warning.  As far as not wanting to listen to it or so forth, it
only takes a second to hit the delete key.  I don't actually read half the
mail I get, so trust me, having a few more to delete is no big deal.

Joshua L. Wiegert
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On Thu, 4 Jan 2001 robertrice at juno_com wrote:

> Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 20:09:48 -0500
> From: robertrice at juno_com
> Reply-To: nfc at actwin_com
> To: nfc at actwin_com
> Subject: NFC: : Re: political thread
> A more practical approach is to just stay on topic. We have done the
> multiple list things it was a detriment to things. I know we all have
> political and religious beliefs that may be in conflict but on this we do
> agree. Native fish matter and conservation matters even more
> Robert Rice NFC  President
> Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy
> http://www.nativefish.org

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