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Re: NFC: Sealing Acrylic

Larry Needham wrote:
> Any acrylic expert out there?  How does the seam fusing work?  Is it a
> chemical, or a heating process, or both?  What's the chemical called?  Are
> special tools required?
> I think I'm gonna' start making my own wet dry filters if I can bond the
> plexi easily enough.
> Thanks,
> Larry

It's a very volatile, strong solvent for acrylic, usually based on methylene
chloride or something similar. It is available in small bottles from any
plastics house. The fit must be very good indeed, to wick it into the joint,
so you actually use very little when welding two panes. You need a glass
hypodemic syringe or dropper to apply, as it will melt almost anything made
of plastic. High density polyethylene droppers may work.

Recently my local supplier has sold me a new product that is thickened (the
other is terribly runny). It's called "Craftics #33" and has a consistency
more like silicone.

IDK how good it would be for big jobs, but it works great on little ones
where I don't want to do the sanding and fitting needed for good capillary
joinery. I use it for making the air-lift tubes for wet-drys. Seems to bond
to vinyl, too.


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