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Re: NFC: glass worms

> Drat! Now I know where those pesky flying insects in my apartment came
> from. I thought I had left the screen door open. :)

Another strong possibility for flying gnats are bloodworms. One year I
dragged in a leave bottomed 32 gal garbage can and put a light over it,
adding greenwater for the daphnia, unaware of how at least one of the
bonuses that came in with them. A warming spell that winter allowed the
fishroom to warm up a couple of degrees. Several wee beasties hatched out -
including bloodworms and even mayflies. My bride, observing *I don't know
how you did it, but there's mosquitos in the house in February!* was not
enchanted, even with the explanation that the bloodworm gnats didn't even
have mouth parts. All they did was bar hop and lay eggs. Boy I'm glad she
didn't see the Mayflies!

All the best and happy new year!


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