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Re: NFC: glass worms

	These are little moths. About 0.75 cm in length. Light brown wings
covered with a fine powder. The wings are elongated triangular shaped.
They sleep during the day and come active at night fluttering when I walk
past them or turn the lights on.

	I was straining live "stuff" from an unused flowerpot outside with
stagnant water and feeding the fish. Something must have come along and


On Fri, 29 Dec 2000, Scott Davis wrote:

> > Drat! Now I know where those pesky flying insects in my apartment came
> > from. I thought I had left the screen door open. :)
> Sajjad,
> Another strong possibility for flying gnats are bloodworms. One year I
> dragged in a leave bottomed 32 gal garbage can and put a light over it,
> adding greenwater for the daphnia, unaware of how at least one of the
> bonuses that came in with them. A warming spell that winter allowed the
> fishroom to warm up a couple of degrees. Several wee beasties hatched out -
> including bloodworms and even mayflies. My bride, observing *I don't know
> how you did it, but there's mosquitos in the house in February!* was not
> enchanted, even with the explanation that the bloodworm gnats didn't even
> have mouth parts. All they did was bar hop and lay eggs. Boy I'm glad she
> didn't see the Mayflies!
> All the best and happy new year!
> Scott