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NFC: NFC fundraiser

The NFC 2000 Holiday Fundraiser

Can't decide what to do for the Holidays ?

With the Holidays approaching the NFC has come up with a way to help conservation and to put a few things under your Christmas Tree.  Help us with a donation and Help your self to some great stocking Stuffers. BTW we are a Non Profit organization so your donations are tax deductible


1. A $25 -$50 donation gets you signed limited edition Joe Tommelleri Darter Print. Retail value $30  

2. A $50-$75 donation gets you a 8 X10 signed  Darter print, a free NFC 1 year membership to keep or pass.  

3. A $75-$100 donation gets you a 8 X 10 signed Darter Print, a free NFC 1 year membership to keep or pass, and a 8 X 10 Killiefish print.  

4. A $100 plus donation gets you your choice of the entire Darter series of Prints or the entire Killie series plus a NFC membership to pass or keep.  


Prints Avaliable:  

Darters: Rainbow Darter ,Greenside Darter, Redfin Darter, Gilt Darter, Holiday Darter  

Killies:  Blackstrip Topminnow, Plains Killifish, Golden Topmminnow, Northern Studfish, Banded Topminnow (Fundulus Cingulatus)    


To See the Prints click on this link http://www.nativefish.org/Store/JT.html