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NFC: the last fish wish list

The last fish wish list.........
It is just not worth     the amount of work.
We will instead be doing Aquarium style auctions to allow NFC members to sell fishes and support conservation.
If you want your ad to be added or deleted from the Fish Wish List send a message to FWL Manager or Join the Fish Wish List at FWL at actwin_com by sending a note to mailto:Majordoma at actwin_com with the following message in the body, without quotes or punctuation: "subscribe FWL". Members of the Native Fish Conservancy may list for free. Nonmembers are required to pay a 3$ per listing fee. This may be paid by credit card on the NFC site. For non-credit card payment, contact FWL Manager. All listings remain on the list for a total of two months and are then removed unless renewed. Listings must be in the following format:
Name of person listing:
E-mail Address or other contact info.
Desired Species:
Species have/can get, prefferably with details:

Notes may include information such as whether you will trade or only take cash payment, or the like.
All ads subject to editing at FWL Manager's discretion. These changes become effective in the next scheduled posting of the FWL, scheduled as 1 June, 2000.

This list is provided a service to interested parties and emails lists. We will accept NO responsibility for bad trades or illegal actions as a result of contact made from this list. It is created as a service to members of The Native Fish Conservancy. Traders who fail to complete a negotiated trade will be removed from the list. All parties will act in good faith and follow applicable laws. All ads subject to rejection or removal at administrative discretion. This list is affiliated with the NFC Breeders' Program and may be reposted in its intirety without permission. For more information on the NFC Breeders' Program and the NFC, visit the NFC HomePage. Check out the huge photo gallery for photos of some of the fish offered.

Robert Rice (1/9/2000): Robertrice at juno_com.
HAS for Sale: Limited Supplies of Bluefin Killie, Melanistic Fundulus chrysotus, Heterandria formosa, Bluespotted Sunfish, plants, other central Florida Species for sale/trade.
Ray Suydam (1/9/2000): killieboy at webtv_net Long Island, NY.
HAS for Trade: Asst. Exotic Killies, Spawning Mops, Shipping Boxes.
Wants: Colorful Daces, Minnows, Plants Serious replies only.
Josh Wiegert (1/9/2000): JLW at pi_dune.net Washington, DC area.
Wants: Darters, especially Etheostoma species; killies; new, rare, and especially unusual tropicals.
Notes: Also interested in meeting people to collect in the DC area.
Bruce Scott, (1/8/2000): br0630 at aol_com
Wants: dollar sunfish - any size & devil crayfish.
Has or can get: dwarf crayfish, golden topminnows, pygmy sunfish, tadpole madtoms, & speckled dace.
Billy Hodgkiss, (1/9/2000): BHodgkiss43 at aol_com
Wants: Notropsis crosomus, N. hubbsi, N. welaka. Okefenokee, Carolina, Pygmy Sunfish. Flagfin & Sailfin shiners. Garmanella Pulchra [Garra Allostoma]. Rainbow & Orangethroat Darters. Cyprinodon: Bovinus sp. "Leon Springs Pupfish" B. macularis.
Has for sale or trade: Starter cultures of Microworms, Vinegar Worms. Cyprinodon variegatus (Sheepshead Minnow), Young breeding pair of Orange Australe, Breeding pairs of Poecila sp. "Endler's Livebearer." Blacknose Dace, Tesselated Darter, Nannostomus beckfordi (Pencilfish), Aphy. gardneri albino Young breeding pair, Adult&Breeding now Walkeri Orange Pair, Dwarf Sunfish, Black Bandeds, Water Sprite, Azolla Floating Plant, Duck Weed, Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinth.
Hideharu Nishihara, (1/11/00): afarb704 at oct_zaq.ne.jp Japan
Wants: Interested in breeding darters and information on shipment of darters to Japan.

Robert Rice NFC  President
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