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NFC: White River fish kill update: link to newspaper story

This morning's Indianapolis Star had the following headline.  Click on link 
or paste URL to your browser for the full headline.  Note timelines on right 
of story.  

A couple of days ago an Anderson, Indiana exotic pet store owner was shown on 
TV news being led away in handcuffs for allegedly neglecting some animals and 
having a few dead fish.  Anderson was the source of the toxin for the White 
River fish kill.  I observe that an alleged small time crook gets arrested 
but a year later the felons who literally destroyed 50 miles of fish are 
still walking free.  

I also observe that if you slowly poison the river as we have been for over a 
hundred years it gets little attention.  If you do it quickly, you get 
attention, though you may not get punished.  

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA 

<A HREF="http://www.starnews.com/news/articles/fishkill1217.html">
Starnews.com | News</A> 


No justice yet in fish kill

A year later, no charges have been filed, and lawsuits have produced little 
besides legal fees.

...............Just how prepared are these federal officials to take on the 

From 1994 to 1998, only 21 environmental cases were prosecuted by this office.

Of the eight cases that did not result in convictions, six were cases in 
which companies or individuals were charged with killing or injuring 
migratory birds. Another case was transferred to a different district, and 
the eighth case was dismissed but later successfully prosecuted after being