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NFC: Re: Directory of Local Fish Shops

Please add "Seven Seas Pets" in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania.  This is the
mom-and-pop pet shop that I wish the stores here in North Carolina would
learn from.  The general manager, Leon Skalish, has been running this place
for over 20 years now.  I used to work there about ten years ago when I was
in school (and met the lady who was to become my wife there) but find that
when I go to PA to visit my parents, I take the time to cruise his little
shop and get the stuff I can't get in NC and would prefer not to get online.

Seven Seas does what Petsmart cannot.  He has good quality fish, with
seperate filtration on each tank (more expensive but enables him to isolate
diseased tanks).  Diseased tanks are identified and closed off to sales
until the fish are treated and cured.  He's got a liberal return policy,
with a strong inclination towards proactively avoiding fish kills.  You can
actually haggle in this store (try that at Petsmart).  And considering the
small size of the store there is a nice selection of freshwater fish.  There
is a small selection of marine fish in the back.  I always used to buy my
tanks there because he cut me a better deal than the big shops.  They've
also got an assortment of herps, avians, puppies & kittens.  Amazing array
of supplies considering the size of the store.  In case you haven't noticed,
I'm very impressed that they can pack such a wide variety into such a small
store.  If there is anything you don't see, just ask for Leon and he'll
order it for you at a good price.

If anyone knows any GOOD pet shops in the Durham/Chapel Hill area of North
Carolina please let me know.  Ever since Pet Smart opened, all the little
shops closed (they all sucked anyway).  There is one little shop left in
north Durham county that I know of but it is a long drive and doesn't have
much of a selection.  I'm especially interested in shops with saltwater
fish/inverts, and a good herp section.

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> I have posted a list of fish stores that people have recommended to visit.
> It's part of the jonahsaquarium.com web site.  You can go directly to it
> this address - http://jonahsaquarium.com/localshops.htm
> If you have any recommendations of your own, please pass them along!
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