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NFC: Grindal worms

Has anyone here ever raised grindal worms? I'd like to feed some sort of 
live food and these sound like something even I could culture.  (the daphnia 
thing definitely didn't work out...way too high maintenance for me.) I want 
something fairly low maintenance that I can not check for a day or two 
without losing the culture (between several snake pairs mating & due to lay 
any day, fish tanks, pets, houseplants, & husband, overlooking the cultures 
for a day or two becomes pretty much a given).

Any suggestions for these guys, or other live food, would be appreciated.  
It's needed to feed a 180 gal community tank w/ very young sunfish, and 
adults of fathead minnows, redbelly dace, & orangethroated darters.  Of 
course, I'll be offering flake food as well to any that will eat it.


By the way, is the NFC ever going to have an auction where native plants are 
sold too? :)  (never underestimate the date that the lake will ice up when 
planning for plant collecting...not that you folks in FL have to worry about 
such things.  man, am i jealous!)
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