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NFC: collecting pics

Well, if everyone is getting out doing some collecting, how about taking some photos for our NFC Website of youz guyz collecting.  Also AATP shots as well.  You can send them to the below address and I'll scan em, or send em by email to me.  I'll put them on kewl locations in our NFC site, and give credit for them as well :)  - so include descriptions please , date, location, and who....

Sachs Systems Aquaculture
and Web Presence
1185 Thompson Bailey Road
St. Augustine FL  32084

PHONE:  (904) 824 - 6308
EMAIL:  Mailto:deano at aquaculturestore_com
web  :  http://www.aquaculturestore.com


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1. I do believe I may have been the oldest out there at 52.75 years old!
2. I had and have less hair then anyone out there, including the air boat drivers!
~(:>)) is me with one hair and almost double chin, oh ya and a big smile too.   JiM C.
But speaking of geezers,

>>  WITH GREAT SMILES, old baldy 
>>      ~(:>))   JiM C.

You can't unilaterally declare yourself "old baldy" .... SHOW ME THE VOTES !!!!

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL