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NFC: Fw: Native tank at an elementary

Any Iowans on list want to help with this one ?

I am a parent of a student at Coralville Central Elementary in Coralville
Iowa.  I have worked this last summer to construct a new "vivarium" for
school.  It is a combination terrarium/aquarium, with native species the
goal for all parts.  We were able to get a 600-gallon used tank donated,
I worked to reseal and reinforce it.  With some cracks showing up as we
filled, it is presently a 400 gallon display tank.  In it we have
catfish, albino channel catfish, green sunfish, bluegills (and hybrids),
largemouth bass, a red-eared slider and some crayfish.  It has been a
routine to get it stable and parasite free, but it now is great.  I need
finish the glass around the terrarium area, but it is close to
We are interested in other species, and will be looking to add a small
and some amphibians to the terrarium.  The terrarium will be planted with
woodland and prairie plants, too.

What kind of resources are available to help us in this endeavor?

I have pictures on my website :



Ron Pierson