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Re: "Bucket Boy" (was: NFC: Weekend fishin trip......)

Lest Chris "The ERP bucket boy" Guppenberger create a wrong impression, I would like to point out he served equally well on our Titusville (FL) ERP mission as:

* Locations coordinator
* cast-net boy
* convoy lead
* southern dimple-fish recovery boy
* seine boy
* baby snapping turtle bite/pressure test boy (he didn't really VOLUNTEER for that, tho, AFAIK)
* muck boy
* "get out of the way of that airboat, it's coming this way" boy 
* rain boy
* inseine boy
* more rain boy
* and I'm sure other critical roles I've overlooked. 

(In fairness we have to downgrade his performance slightly for having re-grouped us back in the channel to watch (and listen) to the airboat from the rear after it passed us, thus perfectly setting us when its traveling partner, a second airboat, hove around the bend ... can you spell Celebrity Airboat Bowling and seven-ten split?) 

But back to the Bucket-Boy thing, I think I speak for everyone on this little expedition when I say that Chris clearly demonstrated Bucket-Boy technique and skills that would rank in the top three or four practitioners in the field on this occasion. 

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL
Inquiring Minds Want to Know:
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  it doesn't die, does that mean it wasn't 
  a silverside in the first place?