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NFC: re; Damnbusia

Wright Huntley wrote: 


BTW, getting back to Damnbusia (referred to earlier in the thread as
damppussia), I brought back a couple of pairs of (probably) G. holbrooki
from Avon Park, after the AKA convention. The females have looked pregnant,
and all have matured nicely, but I have seen not one single baby from them.
They are in a 20G Long, all by themselves, with a heavy cover of floating
water sprite, duckweed, salvinia, etc. Roots are much too dense for parents
to penetrate. The males are heavily black marbled, but the females are not.

Any clues? Do I need higher temps.? (They are probably in low 70s) I'm
mystified, right now.


Tell the truth ... are you master-minding a propaganda campaign to raise the price of Gambusia on Aqua-bid and the like, based on the a new-found common perception ("I heard it on the internet") that these guys are hard to breed ???

Be honest now....

Seriously, when I had them as a poor teenager (..."How poor were you?" "So poor that I kept Gambusia in mayonnaise jars as pets...") my recollection is that they breed year-round and I didn't do (or know to do) anything special to make that happen. Stopping them from doing so would have been a man bites dog level of story.

In the wild, seems to me they''ll readily hide in cover for brief period but mostly cruise open, shallow waters for fun. Maybe they'd be happier in a half-planted tank.

And while I can't cite any specifics, I have much have it in mind that Gambusia will readily eat anything small and live they find, most definitely including their own young. Have you tried one of those specially designed live-bearer breeder traps?


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL USA
* Chairperson & Coordinator, 
   The Hope We Don't Have To Send Wright
   Any More Dang-dang-dang-dang-dangbusia