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Re: NFC: Microscopes

I bought a great microscope from a company in FL called Nightingale.  There
number is 941-997-5354.  You might try them.  They will ship them.


Ray Suydam wrote:

> Hello All,
>               I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
>   Would anyone on the lists know of a good source for good quality new
> or used microscopes?
> Regards
> Ray
> Port Jefferson
> Long Island, NY
>  <*)))><\ ~~~~~~
> AKA #07726
> Long Island Aquarium Society
> In from out of town? 45 min. east of NYC. Come join us! Guest speakers,
> Bowl show,fish auction,raffles and more! Meetings 3rd Friday each month
> @ 8:00 pm @ Holtsville Zoo and Ecology Center,
> Buckly Rd. Holtsville L.I. NY
> Contact raysuy at webtv_net
> http:members.xoom.com/liaquasoc/

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