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NFC: The death of yet another aquarium club and some help...

Anyone have an opinion about this.
 "alan miller" <fishnut36 at juno_com>
Dear Alan,
Many thanks for the update on the GCAS. we shall adjust our records. Unfortunately it was to stop events like this belly-upping that we formed - too late in this case.
In order to save the knowledge and expertise of people such as yourself we are shortly to add a new membership category to the Federation which will be open to individuals by recommendation only.
(This latter category has regretfully been introduced due to a series of similar events being brought to our attention)
I would be honoured if you would allow me to put your name forward for this membership, as at least we would maintain a contact in your area with an experienced fishkeeper who may be able to help younger local enthusiasts.
Gerald Jennings,
 From: alan miller
To: I-focas at ic24_net
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2000 9:22 PM
Subject: Re: Welcome to IFOCAS.

Sorry, but I no longer represent a club. The Gold Coast Aquarium Society went belly-up at the beginning of this year. I am an individual hobbiest for about 5o years. Regretfully, I cannot join your organization,
On Fri, 24 Nov 2000 19:32:35 -0000 "I-focas" <I-focas at ic24_net> writes:
Subject: Re: Welcome to IFOCAS.

 Dear Fishclub,
This is not spam mail but an official invitation for you to obtain some information on IFOCAS, The International Federation of Online Aquatic Societies.
Club and Society membership is free.
We hope we have your correct address but would ask that if not, you print or post to the correct officer of your organization.
We are not offering to send hits to your website, though this indeed may be a 'spin-off'advantage of joining us.
We are more or less guaranteeing to send potential new members to your clubhouse and meetings.
There are links on the email body below to our full website should this be of interest. Our website is multilingual.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

I Focas


Stop the rot.

The hobby fights back


The gradual but relentless erosion of the organized hobby throughout the world needs to be halted and reversed.

This is the sole premise behind the formation of  IFOCAS, The International Federation of Online Clubs and Aquatic Societies.

IFOCAS has been established simultaneously in three continents as a pro-active pressure group catering for the requirements of clubs worldwide. It is not only able to offer practical support in all areas of club activity and publicity, but also assists clubs to get out onto the worldwide web and collect the thousands of potential new members who are newcomers to the hobby and presently only use the internet as their means of communication.

Aquatic web services, help, and enquiry sites on the web receive an estimated one million enquiries per annum. There are presently less than thirty clubs worldwide with an active presence on the web – all are thriving. (There are at least 30 clubs in the UK alone dying through lack of new members. pers comm.).

All of the most important and active web enquiry sites have joined IFOCAS – all feel that they have huge traffic volumes that could be of great assistance to existing clubs. A question asked very frequently to all is  “Where in my area can I get help and advice?”   IFOCAS is therefore in a prime position to act as the conduit in redirecting these hundreds of potential new club members into their local clubs and societies.

IFOCAS is financed by sponsors who are granted Affiliate Membership but no other benefits.

Policy is dictated by the Participating Membership.

Membership is free to clubs, societies, public aquaria and fish study and research groups .

All IFOCAS services such as help with website construction, publicity and contact establishment are provided to members at no charge, save the members conforming to a few basic, simple terms of membership and placing an IFOCAS logo on their web sites.

IFOCAS has three categories of current membership.

Full Participating Membership is open to clubs, societies and organizations and is free as long as these bodies maintain an online web presence and supply an active email address to which enquiries will receive a reasonably speedy response. (Potential new members being redirected from the web are unused to slow responses which in web terms are often indicative of an uncaring attitude).

Affiliate Membership is a halfway house for clubs that cannot, or have not yet, established an online site and communications channel. Affiliate members will be freely given every assistance to set up and maintain a web site and email address. IFOCAS will provide free sites for affiliates plus any other ‘computer, material required.

Affiliate membership is by subscription to cover postal charges where email and web communications cannot be used. Currently (year commencing January 2001) Affiliate Membership costs:   US $10.00  Aus.$10.00  Sterling 5.00   euros  10

Per annum. Affiliate Membership charges will be refunded pro rata as soon as the Affiliate becomes a full Participating member.

Affiliate Membership is also granted to sponsors, though no other offers above apply to this grade.


Commercial Membership is open to all aquatic suppliers and equipment manufacturers and traders who are prepared to actively display the IFOCAS logo on their web sites and promote the activities of other fellow members where possible. Commercial Membership is free.

Local stores are expected to actively promote local club activities and manufacturing members are expected to look favourably upon other smaller members requesting assistance.


ALL MEMBERS of all categories are listed in the Membership lists, which are available online to all members unless a particular request not to publish  has been received. Your access code to view these lists is sent with your membership confirmation.


IFOCAS has one aim – to support and encourage fishkeeping and the active promotion of this aim, through assistance, communication and education.

Although individuals cannot be elected to membership, unless as sponsors, personal enquiries will be directed to the nearest IFOCAS member group, many of which also have no-charge or minimum charge, membership schemes.


Our website is  online in the following languages:  English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Other languages will be used as required.

http://www.I-focas.ic24.net          email  I-focas at ic24_net  


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I FOCAS is a Federation devoted to the active promotion of fishkeeping worldwide

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