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Re: NFC: Cooler water

I'll have to go out in the snow & read the manufacturer name on mine :) when 
I get home, but I bought mine at Home Depot.  Lowes, Eagle, & Home Base also 
sell them here.

On humidity issue, I've found that on the occasions where relative humidity 
got much over @35%, it just acted like a fan.  Of course, humidity that high 
happens in Colorado about twice a year.  I don't really think the bacteria 
is an issue, unless you don't replace your pads each spring.  The water flow 
is pretty steady, if slow, & and the water stays pretty cold.  The straw 
pads cost about $8 for a set of three for the jumbo coolers, so you have to 
be pretty stingy not to replace them once a year.

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>So who makes these swamp boxes?

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