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NFC: Fw: RE: Species

Help someone trade him /sell him some fishes :)

Im too busy :(

Robert Rice
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From: "Greg Berg" gregb at omnivation_com

I checked out the NFC site. What a great site. I think I will join!
The fish I would like to purchase from you are 2 pairs Leptolucania
2 pairs of Fundulus Chrysotus and if you can get them 2 Red Fin Pickerel
2 Chain Pickerel or one of each, I am asumming that you live in or near
Florida where these speices of Pike are available. The size of Pike I
like would be 6 inches or less. I guess the smaller they are the better
are for shipping. Thanks for responding so quickly. I would like these
shipped to my work address in Northbrook IL. Please let me know how you
would like to be paid for these fish. I can send you a check or money
I destroyed my credit cards because of my wife.

Gregg Berg