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Re: NFC: Tank Filtration Question

Hi Ty,
Your project sounds like fun.  I have smaller 72
gallon Bowfront.  The Eheim system I have is specific
on hose length, orientation, and canister height, but
it would appear that it would be possible to do as you
wish.  The spray bar (at the top of the tank) will
direct the filtered water (on the surface) away from
the intake that is located at the bottom of the tank
on the same side.  This causes water to circulate in
the tank depending on how you aim the spray bar.  My
bar sprays the water slightly off-line so I get a
circular motion in water flow in both axis' (X and Y)?
 Anyway it works.  The bluegills in my tank don't
complain at all.  I recommend that you get a rather
large filter dependent on population and type of
stock.  I have 9 bluegill and a Plecostomos (11 inch).
 Three of the bluegill are rather large so I am about
maxed out on tank population.  The tank you are
considering is three times as large so your canister
will have to be able to handle the fish load.  Anyway,
get the manuals if possible on the filters you are
considering and look through them to see if hose
length can be "adjusted" to accommodate your needs.
The Eheim filter I have circulates 145 gallons per
hours (25 watts).  It is rated at 90 gallons. Hope
this helps.     

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