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Re: NFC: Tank Filtration Question

Hey Ty.

Unfortunately, without a powerhead or some such, you're going to have
one end of the tank acting as a dead spot.  A powerhead on the far end
may fix this.  

An optional idea -- much easier with plexiglass than glass -- is to
drill the tank.  This is the ideal way of dealing with larger tanks.  


Ty_Hall at eFunds_Com wrote:
> I am hoping to someday set up a large freshwater (natives of course ) tank.
> I am in the early planning stages and trying to sort out the best way to do
> everything. The tank will either be a Glass 180 gallon or an Acrylic 225
> Gallon. That is yet to be decided. Anyway, my question comes in the area of
> filtration. I will be using an undercabinet system with an intake that
> takes the water from the tank down into the cabinet, runs it through the
> various canisters and then sends it back to the tank. Here is the dilemma.
> The tank will be a peninsula and viewable on three sides. One short side
> will be against the wall and I don't want to have tubes and overflows on
> the opposite and exposed (short) end. Will the system work fine if both the
> intake and output tubes are on the same end of the tank? This will, I hope,
> simply create a circular water flow, but wanted to see what you "experts"
> thought first. Will the water circulate properly to all areas of the tank
> or will the intake simply suck in the newly filtered water from the nearby
> output leaving stale water at the far end of the tank?  Does it make any
> difference?
> Simple drawing of proposed inlet/outlet arrangement:
>           Breakfast Area
>      |---------------------------------------------|
>      |  O <-- Water in                               |
> Wall |                        Tank                         | Passageway
>      |  O -->Water out                              |
>      |---------------------------------------------|
>           Family Room
> Ty "Suffering from large tank envy" Hall

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