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Re: NFC: Fw: Aquaculture

I think the logic here is ever so slightly flawed (no offense intended). I
can understand Fisherman not wanting to become Fish Farmers, it's two
completely different lifestyles, but that does not mean that Aquaculture is
not taking off. I would guess (correct me if I am wrong) that you are
probably searching boats that are after saltwater species. As far as I know
there is little activity in the way of aquaculture for saltwater species.
Do a web search for Aquaculture, you'll get hundreds of finds (Yahoo
revealed 23 categories and 257 sites). Most, if not all, state universities
offer curriculum in Aquaculture. Aquaculture provides a significant
percentage of the fish sold in supermarkets and restaraunts, I have heard
numbers over 40% for some species (Catfish and Trout). It's true
Aquaculture will not replace natural fisheries. But for farmable fish it is
a booming industry and shows no signs of anything but significant growth.
As it continues to grow it will definitely offer pressure relief for those
species that can be farmed. Obviously it won't do anything directly for
those species that can't be farmed, but if we can replace non-farmable
fish, with farmable fish, in our diets, then it may offer some (hopefully)
indirect relief for them as well.


Relieving pressure off commercial fisheries,  speaking from my position I
hold in the U.S. Coast Guard inspecting commercial  fishing vessels, I can
say no... I have not encountered a single commercial  fisherman in my AOR
that has converted from commercial fishing to an aquaculture  based system.
Two common quotes I hear from them are  (draw your own  conclusions from
where their train of thought is...) "It is too technical and  expensive"
and "Who would like to buy a fish that swims in its own excrements  all
day".  Nice logic huh? The only pressure relief is regulatory agencies  and
their rulebooks.


Aquaculture just hasn't caught on yet on  (as a whole or an industry, like
American beekeeping) its not trendy  or recognized like it should be. I am
all for it and can see benefits on the  horizon, but in reality it will
take lots of legislation and enforcement  policies to scale back commercial
fisheries harvesting to make aquaculture more  viable.  Then again look at
aquacultureists that bring back endangered  species populations......


Be safe and happy fish hunting....
Chris Guppenberger

"Aquaculture is a durn good  thing....."