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NFC: FreshAddress (Off Topic)

Hey Everyone.
There's a nifty program out there called "FreshAddress."  What you do is
register your current e-mail addy and up to 5 old ones.  As your e-mail
addy changes, you update this.  It also has spots to put in for three
"friends" who will likely know your new address, should it change.  This
is a really nifty thing for preventing people from losing track of you. 
It has two security modes, "Normal," which allows anyone who knows an
old address to get a new one, and "Extreme" which sends an e-mail of
something like, "Bob at blah_com has requested your new e-mail address. 
You may inform him if you wish...." or somesuch

Something I suggest people register for -- especially since we can
change your list subscription info based on it!

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