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Re: NFC: Fundulus chrysotus

Hi Jim,

I never have sent fish to Canada before. Do they need to clear customs or Dept. 
of Agriculture or something?  I am not sure when sending out to another 

I would send them to you as soon as I find out the rules we need to go by. As 
far as the price goes. I need to see what I have left and what is alive still. 
I had a pump go out on me and I lost a few. 

I will be leaving on a business trip tomorrow for a week. When I get back we 
can discuss what we need to do.  Sound like a plan?  If I dont have any left it 
would only take a few days to find some more. I got a pond that I once stocked 
and there is quite a few in there. 

If you know the exporting rules. Shoot me over an email.........

Chris Guppenberger

> Hi Chris,
> I would be interested in a couple of pairs of F. chrysotus, or some
> juveniles. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada.  How much are you
> asking for your fish? Will you ship to Canada? Do you ship by priority
> mail? Can you give me an idea of the total cost to me? Thanks.
> Jim Cumming