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President Rice wrote: 

EWS FLASH: We Have a new ERT (Exotic 
Removal Team) Team Leader#1: 
James "Chris" Guppenberger 
.... <snippety snippety snip> .....
Those that are small and suitable for shipping 
are sold to wholesalers and individuals above 
the Mason Dixon line. 

I've previously wondered about this reference to the Mason Dixon line. I'd to like assume ... hopefully without a LOT of discussion <g> .... that the Mason Dixon line is not in fact an a.k.a. for any mythical Boundary Of Enlightenment.

So rather than have a blanket geographic restriction on where removed exotics can be sent, I'd like to see recipients of ERT fish agree that they will never intentionally allow ERT-provided exotics to be re-introduced into the wild. And that this "deed restriction" goes with the fish and their descendants if the fish are ever redistributed to other owners. The clear intent is that these lines of fish will be "aquarium strains" forever in perpetuity, and anyone unwilling to agree up-front to that is categorically ineligible to receive those fish. 

(We could PERHAPS make a small print loophole, potentially allowing ERT fish to be used as breeding stock if (a) the species is listed as endangered, (b) the re-introduction is into the fish's historically documented indigenous area, (c) such use is managed and planned by professionals who deem the biology and genetics etc to be suitable and advisable under the circumstances, and (d) the NFC board of trustees (or designee) approves such use. This last provision is added so that NFC has standing if, for example, it ever became necessary to get an injunction to prevent inappropriate use of the fish; hopefully, that would be an extremely unlikely possibility.) 

my $0.02

Doug Dame
Interlachen/Gainesville FL
"You might be a redneck if ....
   your neck is red."
- famous things Jeff Foxworthy never said.