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Re: NFC: ERP IS BACK!!! ===> nonindigenous species


Anyone interested in "feral exotics" should be aware of key data resource that's available, namely the "Nonindigenous Aquatic Species" database that's on-line through the USGS's Florida Caribbean Science Center, http://nas.er.usgs.gov/ . 

The "species" part includes excellent summaries of the extent and nature of the distribution of various exotics. Includes maps, and pretty detailed descriptions of the pocket locations where populations have been established ... you could probably mount search and remove missions based on this info alone. Pictures, the history of the introduction, etc. 

I've only looked hard at the fish sections, but presumably our NFC interest could also extend to non-fish species that are jeopardizing or altering the local environments in which native fish live.



Doug Dame
Interlachen/Gainesville FL