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NFC: On the local level how do we proceeed

Mr. Rice:
Does your group know anything that could be used to fight projects, such as
construction and operation of limerock mines and cement kilns, that will
significantly degrade the oligotrophic karst limestone spring fed rivers of
North Florida with atmospheric deposition of mercury and nitrate-nitrogen
from cement kilns.  Hydrologic modifactions, ie. mining, also threaten the
flow of water through these subterranian systems?
We have species, such as blind crayfish and certain fresh water snails, that
live in very specialized habitats but which have never been nominated for
endangered species status and have no protections from these projects.  The
Suwannee River and tributaries also hosts endangered gulf sturgeon and
manatees.  We need a knowledgeable and energetic volunteer who can fight to
protect these aquatic species from rapacious developers ......
dave bruderly