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NFC: Pennsylvania Fisses Book Now Available

Title: Pennsylvania Fisses Book Now Available
I saw this in the local Merchandiser...in case anyone is interested...

 "Do fish close their eyes when they sleep?  How big is the largest minnow ever caught in Pennsylvania?  What species of fish has a Latin name meaning "waterwolf?"  The answers to these questions, along with color illustrations and other fascinating information, can be found in Pennsylvania Fishes, a brand new text from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.
  Pennsylvania Fishes is a 170-page book with detailed information on 140 fishes found in Pennsylvania's waterways.  Each species account includes an overview and sections on identification, habitat and life history.  The book is fully illustrated and indexed and includes a list of species by watershed.
  A list of resources, illustrated glossary and reference section help anglers, students and those interested in learning more about Pennsylvania fishes.
  The book is just $10, including tax and can be ordered directly from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Publication Section, P.O. Box 67000, Harrisburg, PA., 17106.
  By the way, because fish have no need for eyelids, they do sleep with their eyes open; common carp are actually members of the minnow family, so a 52 lb. carp from the Juniata River is the largest minnow ever caught in Pennsylvania and the Latin name for northern pike is Esox lucius, referring to "Luce, the waterwolf.""