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Re: NFC: Setting up tank

>Budget in a chiller, as *180G* is a lot smaller than a lake, and you can 
>some pretty hot spells at times. Many natives will tolerate tropical
>temperatures, but they will only really thrive at lower values.

Do I still need a chiller if the room temperature never goes over 72?  In 
winter it rarely goes over 65.  (our AC in that building works well, but the 
heater can't keep up in winter.  These systems aren't going to be replaced 
since we have the building scheduled for demolition in 10 years.)  I'd 
really rather not spend the money if I don't have to (taxpayer dollars, you 
know:) )

I'm a little hesitant to ask anyone to invest too much time in this with me 
because promised money has a habit of getting 'reallocated' here with little 
notice.  My first step to prevent that from happening is to get a 100% 
complete list of supplies to the head boss ASAP so he can actually give me 
the money.  At that point I can worry a little more about what specific fish 
I'm going to put in, where I'm going to buy them/catch them/beg them, etc.  
The tank can sit there cycling empty till next spring if necessary...though 
I'd probably put a couple bluegill fingerlings in for the winter...we've got 

Actually, the lake is very neat right now.  The entire edge is a ring of 
bluegill nests...they look like a string of beads packed tightly around the 
edge.  Visitors get very excited when we point them out.

thanks again for the help!

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