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Re: NFC: DP: Grass Pike, collecting report

In a message dated 7/16/00 1:02:27 PM US Central Standard Time, 
heavymetal99 at excite_com writes:

 I ended up moving all of my plants and rocks to the center of the tank to
 keep the feeder fish from congregating near the glass. Before I did, the
 pickerel were constantly smacking nose first into the glass when striking
 their prey. Although moving the decor didn't alleviate the problem
 completely, it did seem to cut down on the number of thumps I'd hear every
 day.    >>

I heard a couple of thumps right after I got them in the aquarium.  Good 
idea.  I might throw a bunch of Java Moss in for the feeders to hang out in; 
maybe a little softer on the Pike noses.  :)

<<BTW, what's the latest news on the White River? >>

The apparent culprit and their lawyers continue to cloud the issue and deny 
everything.  No real news on what the state is doing, but I figure they are 
peparing  their case; as I understand it, this will take much time.  The 
governor got some positive PR sitting in a DNR boat releasing some catfish 
and bass fingerlings earlier this Spring.  Of course, he probably still 
hasn't fined anyone that _has_ been proven guilty of pollution, despite all 
his talk about raising the fine limit.  

My guess is several years from now, the apparent quilty part will pay some 
fines no where near the cost of damages done.  Attornies on both sides are 
preparing for the End Game by seriously looking at much more expensive homes. 

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA