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Re: NFC: DP: Grass Pike, collecting report

On Sun, 16 Jul 2000 13:15:46 EDT, nfc at actwin_com wrote:
>  I finally found some Grass Pike yesterday.  Haven't found in about a
>  years.  I was on Brandywine Creek, just south of Greenfield, Indiana. 
>  of the poet James Whitcomb Riley - "The Old Swimming Hole," "Little
>  Annie").  

Wow, I remember my aunt taking me there when I was a little kid. Prolly
never would have thought about it again if you hadn't brought it up! :)

>  2)  Any tips on best ways to set up a Grass Pike aquarium?

I ended up moving all of my plants and rocks to the center of the tank to
keep the feeder fish from congregating near the glass. Before I did, the
pickerel were constantly smacking nose first into the glass when striking
their prey. Although moving the decor didn't alleviate the problem
completely, it did seem to cut down on the number of thumps I'd hear every

I also tried to keep feeders present in the tank at all times; a feat not
always possible with a trio of pike! I'd get a little nervous when I'd wake
up to find all the feeders gone, and one of the pickerel eyeing another with
a nefarious gaze. Selecting feeders that are about as large as the fish can
swallow last longer and is easier on the wallet.

Oh, and don't use CLOUT! It proved to be the bane of my precious pike :(

BTW, what's the latest news on the White River? 


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