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NFC: OnLine Auction Final Bids

Hello all.... This month's Online Auction has ended and here are the winning
Thank you all that helped make this a profitable and fun auction.
Winners should please make checks or Money Orders paybale to :
Native Fish Conservancy and send to me as soon as possible...
Charles Anderton
5905 Kimberly Kay Dr.
Ft. Worth, Tex., 76133
Winning bids are as follows :

ITEM # 1---Russell McGraw -- $25

ITEM # 2---no bid----CANCEL
ITEM # 3---no bid----CANCEL

ITEM # 4---Charles A.--- $25.

ITEM # 5---Wright H. ---- $40

ITEM # 6---Russell_McGraw--$21 ( Is a Cast Iron Aquarium round and flat? )

ITEM # 7---Matt Burg ---- $16

ITEM # 8 ---David Meyers --- $40