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Re: NFC: NFC Anyone have Daphnia?

patrick vinas wrote:
> > <<               Does anyone have a Daphnia culture for sale or trade?
> Hi
> I might be interested in Daphnia too or other live food.
> Anybody with them please contact me off list.

Naah! I'd rather bother all the list folk with my answers. <G>

Let me suggest an alternative -- a better one, IMHO.

In almost all parts of North America, there are Daphnia in nearly any body
of clean fishless water. Here in CA, our rain is all in the winter, so a few
spring months allow us to catch all we want in nearly any water without
fish, and quite often in some with fish.

To keep Daphnia outdoors in your area, there's a good chance the local
strain will take your temperatures better than one from another climate.

We took visitors to the BAKA West Coast Weekend, in April, to Lake Lagunita
-- right in the middle of the Stanford Palo Alto campus. Even though there
were some young fish, the Daphnia were so thick that you literally could not
see the bottom, in water 6" deep. It would have been easy to collect
*pounds* of them.

You don't need such lush amounts if all you want is a starter culture. They
reproduce very quickly. Just explore the ditches and semi-permanent ponds in
your area. Places like Stanford are about as urban as Central Park, so don't
say you can't find any. You just need to look.

Check your collections and remove unwanted beetles and dragon-fly or caddis
larvae, and then dunk 'em in a kiddy wading pool or even a 5G bucket. Feed
some yeast and/or Gram flour (from the local Indian grocery). Feed mashed
baby carrot food to color your fish up a bit. Green water is the finest, if
you have a culture going.


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